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Thailand No Longer Top Overseas Destination for Chinese Tourists

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Macau and Hong Kong are China so that skews Bloomberg's survey all to hell. Secondly, I don't believe Bloomberg. They are not a reliable source. It would help to welcome the Chinese tourists without the hazmat suits - I mean that is  tacky. Otherwise, it will take time to rebuild an industry and I wouldn't read too much into Bloomberg.

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I fear that when this is over it will no longer be an overseas destination for far more than the Chinese

They aren't too fussy when it comes to eating them though....

Bit of a pointless story, the Chinese government is actively discouraging their citizens from travelling abroad.   Then again, the Thai government is actively discouraging tourist arrivals w

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Well if you listen to all those rich parasites who consider themselves the natural and deserving leadership of the planet, then big changes are a coming. And that seems to include much less international travel to save the environment (private jets are not included of course). International travel is to be again positioned as an extravagance only the wealthy can afford.


If so whatever remains of Thailand's tourist infrastructure after sheltering from the flu for 1 year+ may see much less tourism anyway. They may be better off just planning to restructure and find new jobs for the millions of unemployed.

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The Chinese will be back in droves. Thailand is just like home. Polluted, filthy. It is the westerners that have left Thailand for good.  The big business in Thailand know the score.  

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9 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Really, maybe the Thai government could care less, if by the way they have putting roadblocks to arrive i. Place is any indication, but the Thai people thrive on the tourist Areas as it feeds them and takes care of their families.  You better guess again. If the Chinese have turned to other locals, even though they can not travel because if their own government, then just who will come to Thailand in mass numbers.

EXACTLY! That is what matters, they hold the power, the key to the LOS gates.  Without them wanting us here we have NO hope.  It WILL be a constant uphill battle, a NO WIN situation.  Thai immigration is more powerful than TRUMPS wall. And it is not just the government there are many locals that don't care focus, maybe NOT all but the many.  Good luck to you re-fighting the fight with IO.

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On 11/23/2020 at 5:45 AM, zzzzz said:

do the Chinese need quarantine for 14 days if they travel to Japan or South Korea?

If not.  well that answers why their going there.  😆😆

No insurance, no set gouging hotel price, no certificate of entry. 3 ridiculous demand required who the hell will go. 

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