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Enabling spelling in Word

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14 hours ago, toast1 said:

Is it possible to disable automatic spellcheck in all documents, but enable it in one document in MS Word?



A simple internet search found this:


This appears to be what you want to do, which is basically what I said when I replied to your previous question on this subject (July 2020).

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This might achieve what you are looking for, works for Word 2010

part 1
Word Options > Proofing > Turn on 'Check spelling as you type'
At the bottom locate the 'Exceptions for' drop down menu and select 'All New Documents'
Check box 'Hide spelling errors in this document only' (but really means all new documents)
OK and close Word


part 2
Open the document you want spell check turned on
At 'Exceptions for' confirm the current document is selected on the drop down menu
Clear the check box 'Hide spelling errors in this document only'

OK and close document then reopen to test if it works as desired.


One caveat when you open previously saved Word docs spell check is now turned on so you would need to go through the settings change in part 2 for each previously saved document which shouldn't be a big deal if you don't have a ton of Word documents you access frequently.

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