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Focus on fish and economic fair play as EU-UK trade talks go on remotely

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Focus on fish and economic fair play as EU-UK trade talks go on remotely




BRUSSELS (Reuters) - British and European Union negotiators on Monday resumed talks on their post-Brexit relationship via video-conferencing, with the focus still squarely on dividing up fishing quotas and ensuring fair competition for companies, including on state aid.


Face-to-face talks, suspended last week after a member of the EU delegation tested positive for the coronavirus, will resume in London “when it is safe to do so”, said a source who follows Brexit, speaking on condition of anonymity.


Another source, an EU official, added: “The differences on the level playing field and fisheries remain major.”


These issues are the key obstacles to clinching a new deal to maintain free, frictionless trade between the estranged allies after Britain’s standstill transition out of the EU following Brexit completes at the end of this year.


British newspaper The Sun reported at the weekend that the negotiators were looking at a review clause that would allow a renegotiation of any new fishing arrangement from 2021 in several years’ time.


An EU diplomat, a third source who spoke under condition of anonymity, confirmed that such an idea was under discussion, but added that the bloc insisted on linking it to the overall trade agreement, meaning fishing rights could only be renegotiated together with the rest of trade rules.


“We need to uphold the link between fishing and trade rules, this comes in a package,” said the person.


The EU official stressed that annual renegotiation of fishing quotas was still a no-go for the 27-nation bloc. Fisheries are a particularly sensitive issue for France.


Thierry Breton, the French representative on the European Commission, the EU executive, said last week: “We shouldn’t have in the Brexit deal revision clauses in one or two years, when everything would change again... We won’t let that happen. We need to give our entrepreneurs predictability.”



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There's no economic fair play in the EU’s position on any of those issues.  Why does the anti-Brexit Reuter’s headline mislead in suggesting this? 

Time to walk away Boris. You can't negotiate with an organization that makes completely unrealistic demands and then refuses to compromise on any of them.   A mutually beneficial FTA would h

In what world are you living, its the Brits that backed out of an international deal already done with the EU. Something only third world countries do. That is not good faith.   Indeed the U

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a political hot potato,a deals in everyones interest and fishing is a small detail in a very much bigger picture.there needs to be compromise on both sides,the problem is these are no longer eu waters theyre Uk waters and the UK side has the right to manage them now.the french and other fishers take fish the brits dont want or use,the brits must allow that to continue and they also sell a lot of their fish to eu,they obviously want to do that more at the expense of french boats particularily,the agri lobby is huge in france hence we have this problem.annual meetings ummmm.stocks can and have been very over fished but  both sides will look at that suspiciously ,a middle way but tying fishing in as part f the broader trade agreement and hanging that over all our heads is a bit much and thats where the problem lies.as the other issues are bigger and far more important.ahhh major and blair could have avoided all this but.....here we are dealing with politicos dirty deals .....again.slightly off topic but why isnt blair in jail?the hague should have grabbed him a decade back, a liar and a mass murderer wow what these guys can get away with.all conveniently brushed under the carpet ,disgraceful

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