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HIV doctors/starting ART in Chiang Mai

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hello to all, I am hoping someone could kindly give me some information on the topics below as I am feeling a bit lost at the moment.

I am an expat living in Chiang Mai and have just received test results and my CD4 count has dropped dramatically, I need to start HIV medications asap.


If anyone could help me with the following questions I would be very grateful.


1. could anyone recommend a good hiv doctor in Chiang Mai that I can have good communication with?


2. I have read that there are doctors in Bangkok who will write a prescription for meds that can then be bought at the Red Cross Bangkok, does this mean I would have to see that doctor regularly? Could anyone recommend a good doctor in BKK who is willing to write that prescription after all tests of course.


3. Does anyone know of online forums/websites in Thailand where HIV positive people chat and share information, help each other?   


I am a bit shell-shocked at the moment and my internet searches just go round in circles and make me feel more isolated about this.


Thank you for reading 

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I already sent you a PM befor eseeing you had posted here as well.


As per my PM:


1. Dr. Vinai  at CM Ram Hospital. US trained.


2.  There is also a TRC clinic in Chiang Mai, and I think you can also buy meds there so avoid need to come into Bangkok.   https://www.chiangmailocator.com/chiang-mai-hospitals-clinics-4528:the-thai-red-cross-anonymous-clinic



3. Thais are not much into this and anyway any such forums in Thailand, would be in Thai. I think you would do better to look for western based online groups in English of which there are several.   https://www.verywellhealth.com/best-hiv-support-groups-4843445


I am flagging this thread to a TV member who has lived a long time with HIV, he may contact you privately..

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regarding buying meds at TRC in Bangkok, they will accept any prescription from a Thai doctor (and I have read they will accept from foreign doctors as well.)  Their prices are the best.  Also unless they have changed, the Chiang Mai TRC does testing but does not sell meds.

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