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Open the country now! Stop quarantine for foreign tourists, says Thai media

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The majorities of Thais would disagree. 

Agree 100%. Why should low risk countries like Australia and New Zealand have the same requirements as USA or Europe. We are basically Covid free here now with most outbreaks due to returning travelle

So 'we'. are on the verge of mass vaccinations and rapid testing leading to the control of the virus and Thai business wants to throw the doors open............. so a nation with hardly any immunity c

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2 minutes ago, webfact said:

Thailand's business media has called for the country to throw open its doors to foreign tourists from low risk countries. (I added the emphasis)

That leaves the US out in the cold, and my British friends say their native country is fighting hard to keep up.

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52 minutes ago, webfact said:

And the best way to do this was turn to China where travel was now permitted internally


key word being internally as in not externally


thailand will have to do a lot of grovelling (probably involving sea ports and submarines) before that situation changes.


i'd wager the chinese will be more than happy to watch one of their enemies allies twist in the wind just a little bit longer..




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19 minutes ago, Buffy Frobisher said:


Who in Thailand would ask for that option, but a filthy rich conglomerate owner with a private jet to escape the carnage in country towns that would ensue if we drop our guard.


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