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Female teacher assaults students with sticks "with all her might"

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Female teacher assaults students with sticks "with all her might"



Picture: Daily News


It was said to have happened at a private school in CharanSanitwong, Bangkok.


The 32 second clip - now removed - showed what the media called a "cruel teacher" hitting the hands of students sitting at desks. 


She had a large stick then exchanged this for another weapon, a T square. 


Daily News said she used all her strength to attack the children. 


There was no apparent reason for the violence. 


Netizens said it was OTT though some suggested the teacher may have had reason for her actions. 


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-24
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Must be charged with assault and sacked from teaching for life , absolutely no excuse ever for attacking students of any age .

I wonder if the 2 female MP's are gonna be up in arms about this outrage as much as they were about the young lady/model/influencer protesting about sexual and physical abuse in the kingdom's schools.

After the recent news and follow up social and media outrage, charges, law suits etc a teacher would have to a) be monumentally stupid, and, B) be have serious mental issues to execute any form of phy

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It is not strange, it is just a master class to the Thai children of the future ... This is how the Thai Educational System works.

I am not surprised will be a stronger student revolution in the near future



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On 11/24/2020 at 3:03 PM, Golden Triangle said:

Sounds very much like Mr Rees my old Tech drawing teacher from over 50 years ago, he was a <deleted> of the highest order.


I used to have a TD teacher called Rees too, in the late 60s. Wouldn't say he was a <deleted> but he was quite strict, as were many teachers in those days. 


Was it the same 'Mr. Rees' at the same school, I wonder.

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