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RTP will not be fooled! Monks caught smuggling millions of methamphetamine pills

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

RTP will not be fooled!

the will be and have been fooled for a good while; but just for the fun of it ,and a bit of coin , they participate in the fooling

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16 hours ago, heist said:

Just don't mention the recent 11 tonnes of ketamine seized which upon testing turned up exactly zero tonnes of ketamine. 

"allegedly" ... that's a nice windfall for some people to ship quietly.

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Okay RTP not fooled but the PEOPLE have been, who would have thought it, upright Buddha following MONKS engaged in Criminal activities. 

Daily occurrence I think, just swept under the carpet along with Pedoes, Drunks, Scammers and now Drug runners. 




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