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Modifying headlights can cost motorists up to Bt50,000 in fines

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5 minutes ago, dlclark97 said:

Modifying of any factory installed lighting including these added lights and strobing effects should be totally banned.

I believe they've already said that.

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What's about them?

I hope the include those ones with "Blacked out" rear lights. I mean how stupid can they get. regards worgeordie

Another flash in the pan crackdown, I really don't know why they bother announcing it, nothing is ever done to address the problem, Thailand the country where you do as you please and no one cares.

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

“Such modifications go against the 1979 Vehicle Act, which stipulates a maximum penalty of Bt2,000 if the vehicle’s equipment fails to meet legal requirements. It also violates the 1979 Land Transport Act, which stipulates a maximum penalty of Bt50,000 for adding objects to vehicles that can harm other people’s physical or mental health,” she added.

Meanwhile you can drive around with faulty or no lights with impunity.

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24 minutes ago, petermach said:

What about motorbikes with no light at the rear and sometimes red front light. And more generaly all the motorbike trackicked which are very dangerous and make a lot of nuisance with their exhausted pipes should be confiscated.

An ex TGF told me that the red headlight and lack of tail light is to confuse the ghosts.  Don't want them following you home do you!

Stupidity knows no bounds!


As for the modified exhausts, this problem seems to be getting worse where I live on Pattaya Dark Side.  Confiscate and crush is what should happen - but never will!



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19 hours ago, bdenner said:

Then we these idiots converting the head light to RED and tail light to white (with the strongest possible light globe).

Red Head Light.JPG

Yes I have seen motorbikes with red headlights.


Cars with flashing blue and red lights just below their headlights.

A car with one green and one red headlight (probably thought he was at sea)


......................... and hundreds of motorbikes without lights!


The police should stop all this now before it is completely out of control.

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While enforcing this law the BiB should fine people for driving with their fog lights on. Why Thais insist on using their fog lights is beyond me. Asked many Thai friends why they switch them on, get the standard 'mai roo' response...

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On 11/24/2020 at 3:06 PM, JonnyF said:



For people who modify their rear lights to be white instead of red, double it. The stupidity of that beggars belief. 

Only beaten by red headlights !

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