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Why consular appointments difficult?

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Why is it so difficult to get a consular appointment for affidavit services such as residency affidavits. I raise this as it would seem a slam dunk for the embassy (gov.uk) to make income, a 2 minute review of documents and then prep and send the affidavit later (15 minutes?). Fifty pounds to the treasury. 

I checked availability this afternoon and there was no availability (literally). I just checked again and theres an opening twice a week from the 5th of January. Admittedly the booking service does says its a "beta" online service (but no alternative is offered).


Is my interpretation of availability correct? Is it an area were you intend to increase availability? This is a sincere question not a gripe.



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Thanks for the question; it’s one we are often asked.


We release 18 appointments per week 60 days in advance. If we can, we regularly release more appointments. This is usually for appointments for the upcoming week. We currently offer a maximum 36 appointments weekly which meets current demand. We would certainly look at offering more appointments when demand increases. Prior to COVID-19 we offered a maximum of 96 appointments per week.


It’s worth noting that on average 3 people per week simply don’t turn up for their appointment, which unfortunately leaves these appointments free but unavailable for others to book.


If you need proof of your address urgently and you are unable to find a suitable appointment with the Embassy, residency documents are also available from local Immigration Offices.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Sadly, I understand one can only use Immigration in Bangkok for this if one has a 90 day report already. I am a very recent "returnee".

I will keep watching your availability calendar to see if any come available sooner. Fingers crossed.

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