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About 900,000 university graduates are likely to be jobless

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About 900,000 university graduates are likely to be jobless





Almost a million Thai university graduates, including about 500,000 who are due to graduate next year, are likely to be unemployed, due to economic contraction as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Thanit Sorat, vice president of the Council of Thai Trade and Industrial Employers and Operators.


He predicts that the Thai labour market next year will remain fragile, due to high economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, which will impact three groups of Thai labour, namely those already employed, those already jobless and those about to enter the job market.


Most vulnerable among those already employed are the 45-50 age group, who are likely to face early retirement, said Thanit, as he recommended that they learn new skills and look for alternative careers, in case they are laid off or forced to accept early retirement.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/about-900000-university-graduates-this-year-and-next-are-likely-to-be-jobless/



-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2020-11-24
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It's not such a big number, half of them wouldn't have got a job, covid or not.

The demonstrations against the junta will become bigger and bigger.....

Well, follow the PM's example...less academia and more arts & crafts...that ought to do it. Spend 4 years + for electronics (or the like) and get a job weaving baskets/Thai dance. Seriously t

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4 minutes ago, DualSportBiker said:

It's been around 450,000 for several years. With 1.79 million in undergraduate degree courses (Min of Education Statistics report for 2016) over an average of say 3.x years, that's about right.

UNIVERSITY? 450K every year? 4.5M every decade? Explain!

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