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"Waterfront Pattaya": A "never ending epic" but eyesore could soon be demolished

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So a Khunpluem approved of the building in 2008 before ordering a stop to construction in 2014 and its destruction in 2016. What's the odds on another Khunpluem winning the demolition tender?

Hoozaaa  at long last, but i'll believe it when I see it gone  😋

Bang on the money there mate 🤣🤣

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16 minutes ago, pattayadude said:

and All THIS flew under the mayor's radar? and now his brother will see to it that it gets demolished? and their father was who? swell!

Let me guess, Khamnang Pho ? And then everybody wonders why politicians in Thailand are........

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34 minutes ago, Guderian said:

there's more money to be made for the powers-that-be in demolishing it than there would be in completing it.

I personally think these crooks know very well that in the long haul, more dough can be made with a "vertical" building  than a "horizontal" one..well, you know the drill. Brown envelopes for the construction and more in property taxes later.

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