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Jomtien Immigration - road work on Jomtien #2 Road

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Just came back from doing my 90 Day report.

Royal PITA to get to Immigration at the moment due to the roadwork being done on Jomtien #2 road from the Thappraya/#2 road intersection down past Soi 5.

If you are coming from Pattaya and using Thappraya or the Thepprasit/Thappraya route, you can not turn right at the normal intersection (where the traffic lights are) to get to the beach. The intersection is blocked off and you can't turn until you get a couple hundred meters past Soi 5 where the 1st U-turn is located (at the Indian restaurant).

Then you have to take Soi 7 down to the "Jomtien #1 Road" (the beach), turn right and go to soi 5. If you don't take soi 7, you are stuck until you get to the U-Turn just before the Thepprasit intersection. Then you can turn, come back and try again. You can not turn onto Soi 5 from #2 road no matter which direction you are going and if you are heading north and go past soi 7, you can't turn left at the lights to get to the beach like you would normally do. You'd have to go to the U-turn, come back, take the U-turn at the Indian restaurant again and then take Soi 7.

In a car it might be easier to just go to Boon Kan Chana and take that to the beach road, or use Chaiyapruek if you are coming from that side of the area. You can use the U-turn mentioned above, but Soi 7 is very narrow and congested.

Getting out is easier, though you can't get to #2 road from Soi 5. You have to go back down Soi 5 and turn right (to head back to Pattaya). They still have a lane open to let traffic make a left turn at the Thappraya intersection. Of course you could turn left and go back via Boon Kan Chana or Chaiyapruek to get to Jomtien #2 road (or wherever).

Note: Google Maps doesn't appear to know about the construction so don't trust it or you'll end up doing the U-Turn loop again and again.

Also, they are still doing the 90 Day reports by collection the passports outside (to the right of the main doors). They are still not letting people inside until 08:30 but I noticed that they were calling out numbers for people who'd made appointments a little before that. (Using the "Que" app I imagine.)

And no, they don't care if you say you've been there since 07:00, as though that means they should stop everything and give you personal service ahead of everyone else like one person seemed to think this morning. (He apparently was there there early and when people decided to start lining up on the ramp leading to the entrance, he lined up with them. When the girl came out to the group on the right to collect passports for the 90 day, he left the line and came over and tried edging his way in ahead of the people already in front of the girl. She had no sympathy and kept repeating that the office opens at 8:30.)

There wasn't a huge crowd of "90 Day" people, I think all told she collected maybe a dozen passports and most of us were heading home by about 08:40(ish). 

Still surprising to see how many people there was considering it's mid-week, no (real) tourists and most everyone else not on a yearly extension wouldn't need to be there at all. 
Before the covid crisis, I would show up there on a Tue/Wed/Thur around 07:30 and rarely see more than 2-3 people ahead of me. That was when there were still thousands of tourists in the city and everything was running normally.

It seems busier now than it did then though ! 

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21 minutes ago, Kerryd said:

Also, they are still doing the 90 Day reports by collection the passports outside

They weren't doing that  at the end of October when I last did a 90 day report, seems they change things about often to keep us on our toes.

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2 minutes ago, johng said:

They weren't doing that  at the end of October when I last did a 90 day report, seems they change things about often to keep us on our toes.

It seems (from previous experience and posts from other members) that they only do it first thing in the morning.

I suspect that once the "morning rush" is over, they go back to doing it normally.

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15 minutes ago, elfpattaya said:

Do it online, no worries about traffic then.

Can it be done on a smart phone ? 

I ask because I suspect a lot of expats over here don't have a computer and they use their phone to post on TV as well. It also seems to be a recurring thing that people try to do their report online and it doesn't work.
Have to have the right browser and 2-3 amulets blessed by a special "Immigration" monk or something it seems.

If I recall, it won't work if any of your details have changed since the last report either (i.e. a new address, even if you've gone to Immigration and updated it via a TM.28). If I remember correctly, you have to go back to Immigration and update your address with the "90 Day" desk or it won't let you do an online report. Which probably doesn't occur to a lot of people when they submit their TM.28, especially as the different desks are a whole 10 meters apart in the same room. You'd think that all that Immigration data would be interlinked.)

(Yeah, they apparently are on 2 different systems for some reason. Same reason no doubt that they can't "reset" your 90 Day date after you've just received a new "Extension".)
(We're talking about Jomtien here, not Nakhon NoWhere or somewhere else that does reset the 90 Day date.)

(At Jomtien, I've had to do a 90 Day report, then go back 2 weeks later to do my annual Extension. Another year, I did my Extension and had to go back 10 days later to do the 90 Day as the IO wouldn't do it if it was more than 7 days before the due date.)

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Coming from East Pattaya I normally head down Thepprasit then onto 2nd Road. Do a U-Turn past Soi 5 and park up short of Bkk Bank. From there it's just a short walk to Soi 5 / Immigration. Did just that a couple of weeks back at 11am for my 90 day and I was in and out in about 2 minutes - no waiting.  

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If you are not handicapped: park vehicle on 2nd rd at Rhompo and walk(!) over to Soi 5 immi (~150m, 500 ft). Back: drive up north along Rhompo, turn left and straight back to Thepprasit. A short loop.

Or did I miss something?

(I did this loop on motorcycle a couple of times)

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As above, park in the Rhompo market car park. Short walk to Soi 5 and with the lack of traffic generally easy crossing of Jomtien 2nd road. As always I'd avoid going to immigration first thing in the morning which is the definition of peak period and when you have to queue outside. At any other time as per my last 90 day report 3 weeks ago you'll likely be in and out in a few minutes these days, that visit was a record for me straight to the desk stamped and out in about a minute. 


Overcomplicating a simple exercise seems to be a common problem for some when it comes to immigration visits. 


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Once you realize that you can't use the "normal" routes, it's not too bad (on a scooter at least).

Bit of a pain in a car/truck as you have to do a 9 point turn on Soi 5 in the middle of the all the scooters, people walking and other cars trying to squeeze past you while you are blocking half the road. (Assuming you can find a place to park in the first place but that is normal there everyday, even when the roads aren't blocked.)

As I saw there was still a couple of moto taxi drivers at the top of the soi, I suspect they have a way to sneak through the barricades and get onto #2 road but it may not be easy.

Oh well, it'll only be for how long (betting pool starting up), 1 1/2 years until it's back to normal ? Judging by the number of people I saw working there this morning (zero) it could take awhile !


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47 minutes ago, Kerryd said:

Assuming you can find a place to park in the first place but that is normal there everyday, even when the roads aren't blocked.

Is the car park closed on Soi5 too?

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