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VIDEO: Water monitor hides under a stretcher in Krabi

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VIDEO: Water monitor hides under a stretcher in Krabi



Video screenshot


A video posted by the rescue service of Krabi Phithak Peach's in the south of Thailand was widely viewed online.


It showed the staff of an ambulance trying to extricate a water monitor (tua ngern tua thing in Thai) that had taken refuge under a mobile stretcher or gurney.


Amid much laughter, one guy tries to shake the large creature out while another suggests lifting the stretcher.


Apparently the animal had been caught earlier and was being returned to nature when a restraining rope came loose.


Lots of netizens wanted to know the registration number of the ambulance for lottery purposes.


Thaivisa can reveal it is 925 though as a lady who posted the picture on Facebook said: It's up to luck!


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-25

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33 minutes ago, foreverlomsak said:

will they attack and cause harm


Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone, but, they can give a very nasty bite and claw marks, some have mild venom (not sure about the Thai species?) and due to eating carrion, have a mouthful of bacteria. They also use their tail like a whip so you'd think the bigger ones could hurt a kid.

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I encountered one at night at a range of about 5 feet in Ao Nang returning to my hotel one night.  Middle of a paved lot with obstacles/hedges retaining walls on all sides but one.  Poor thing was very confused and anxious it seemed to me.  Body language and behaviors were all about just finding cover.  Had no evident interest in me at all.  I stayed with him for a while until he found the exit of the lot and walked him some meters down the street until he was able to trundle off into the bush.  Was worried that a car might run over him.  Very impressive animal.  

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