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Pattaya: Thai man claims drug shakedown at hands of bogus police

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Pattaya: Thai man claims drug shakedown at hands of bogus police
Picture: Pattaya Update News
A 56 year old Thai man went to the media with a police report after he said he was subjected to a drugs shakedown at the hands of 6 or 7 men who went to his room in the middle of the night.
Phachern said that at 3 am on Tuesday morning he was putting some things away outside his room on the second floor of a building in Soi Land Department, Soi 2. 
The men tried to search his room and when Phachern asked to see a warrant or identification none was forthcoming.
The men said they were looking for someone called "Boy".
Picture: Pattaya Update News
They forced him to take a urine test for drugs that came back negative and took his phone. They left.
After consulting with relatives in the morning he decided to make a police report saying he was scared of what might happen.
He told Pattaya Update News  he recognised two of the men as former police volunteers called May and Man. 
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First drug shakedown I read where no drugs were planted or urine test falsified to scare the victim.


Oh, wait, now thinking, there were intimidation claimed on that 1 billion dollar biggest ever drug bust just the other day too...


Conclusion of the story:

Cops ( or fake cops) work in mysterious ways.


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