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Has anyone done the the PGCEI at University of London ? - Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

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21 hours ago, Dave891 said:



I am wondering has one done this PGCEI? It's much cheaper that the others in Derby, Sunderland etc.




Is it accepted by the TCT? 

I would be rather surprised that the London teacher's cert course at the Institute of Education (if that is the one you are talking about) is cheaper than the provincial institutions but it is more of a general teaching method course and not one focussed on TEFL such as the course offered by International House. However, there are institutions in Thailand more than happy to accept such a qualification for a job offer.

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I wish I could get an international school to take notice of my MA in Edu and years of teaching experience.


I’d like to know which schools are extending offers to these PGCEI holders, one year online, versus my three years physically attending university.


Oh well. Guess it’s who you know, not what you know.

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