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I am unlikely to do business with a place that _______.

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Fill in the blank.  Not meant to be a Thai bashing thread; there are plenty, already.  It is meant to be a wake-up call to businesses, all whom are struggling.  A few small changes might be the difference in failure and survival.  What are your pet peeves?  What needs to change at some establishments to get your business?

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Just a couple of amusing experiences.    I recently went to a local mini mart. Bought six bottles of soda water. The old guy told me I had to pay 5 baht deposit, per bottle. I said ok. Went

Places that charge Falang price or have dual pricing are boycotted

any place that first serves a Thai customer who has jumped the queue and stepped in front of me, solely on the basis that he is Thai and I am not.  It happened to me yesterday, with a teenage kid who

11 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Service levels are simply very low on average. Specially when you come more often, they think you will accept any behavior then.


I just decided to drop an entire area of CM where I frequented multiple businesses and spend over 20K baht a month because of that. After all the years, I am just done with it (even not all is bad but just better to move on).


I learned that I have to spend big money in TH to get proper service or suck it up. I essentially avoid dealing with Thais as much as possible for this reason. I do this for example by ordering many things online or sending someone else for me to get things done.


Might sounds so sour and negative but really am not. I also like Thai people, as long its surface contact and chit chat only.

Sounds like Nimmanhaemin...they think they can get away with anything.  Read the TripAdvisor reviews of some of those places selling 300 THB beers.  Vote with your feet and wallet..

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21 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

Just a couple of amusing experiences. 


I recently went to a local mini mart. Bought six bottles of soda water. The old guy told me I had to pay 5 baht deposit, per bottle. I said ok. Went back with my bottles later, and wanted to buy some more. He quoted me a price that did not take into account my 30 baht deposit. I said I get the deposit back, and then pay you for the water, right? He said no, the deposit is one way! I would have been upset, if I was not laughing so hard. I said no, farang is one way, that way, toward the road, and never come back. I took my bottles and left. It was well worth it. Have been telling that story to my friends for weeks. We all love it!


I have had dozens and dozens of these kinds of encounters here in LOS. Always amazed by them. There is a complete disregard for the future, for future patronage, for the idea of loyalty, and rewarding you for such. It has happened with merchants I had been dealing with for years. Over tiny amounts of money. Of course, they lose me for life. But, they do not seem to care one iota.

I am a business owner. I will do nearly anything to retain a loyal customer. Whatever it takes. A full refund, an exchange, just tell me what you want. Here? None of that. Tomorrow? Why think about tomorrow, when I can make an extra 30 baht today?
The tale of the One Way store. Great stuff. You could not make this stuff up, if you tried!


I was recently with a group of friends, and we wanted to order a bottle of wine, at one of those higher end restaurants in the EmQuartier complex. It was Bella Rocca Restaurant. I asked about a 2300 baht 2011 Chianti they had on the list. I was told they were out of stock. I asked about a Barbaresco, at 2,600 baht. Again, out of stock. How about this Nebbiolo? Do you have the 2010, as stated on the list? No, we only have the 2015. OK, what is that wine like? Is it drinking well now? I do not know. Is there anyone here that is familiar with this wine list? No. Sorry sir.


Wait a minute. You have 300 bottles on this list, ranging from 1200 baht to 15,000 baht per bottle, and NOBODY who works here knows anything about the wines? Are you serious? We all just looked at each other, and got up and walked out. We realized the restaurant was a pretender. And more than likely the food was marginal at best. It was all dressed up to look like a very nice Italian restaurant. But, it appeared to be only window dressing. High spending tourists and ex-pats have little patience for that lack of quality and lack of service.


I know some on here will knock me for this, and call me a wine snob. Saw that coming. Just not true. Simply a customer willing to pay real money for a great meal, with excellent service. A pet peeve? Perhaps. Unwarranted? I don't think so. Not with the over inflated wine prices here. 


Part of the problem is outrageous taxes on wines.  But, shooting themselves in both feet is their trademark.

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Just now, ShindenGo said:

Farang business with an American flag or any other alt-right contraband. 

I skip all the Scandie flag places.  All style, little substance..and higher prices.

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Gov.UK for my wife's visas. 11 years and 16 visas, a small fortune, the system changes each time we apply.  Their IT system is a joke and to cap it all their system locked me out on one occasion and they then charged me to re-fund the application fee.

It took 15 months and a written request by my MP in the UK before they refunded me. I quoted the Sale of Goods act to them on numerous occasions and they ignored this legislation. 


There are numerous non-Brits that had similar problems with the IT system and I presume they didn't have the knowledge or determination to take on the UK Home Office.

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4 minutes ago, moontang said:

Part of the problem is outrageous taxes on wines.  But, shooting themselves in both feet is their trademark.

So, knowing that and being asked to pay dumb prices for a modest bottle of wine, one expects some knowledge and service. Just too much to ask. 

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