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Director apologizes for unmuted critique of actor's apartment during audition

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Director apologizes for unmuted critique of actor's apartment during audition



The actor Lukas Gage in his apartment. Photograph: Twitter | Lukas Gage


A director who forgot to mute his microphone during a Zoom audition as he criticised an actor’s apartment has apologised and claimed he was just sympathising with the plight of arts workers in the coronavirus pandemic.


Video of the incident went viral, triggering a wave of support for the actor Lukas Gage and rampant speculation as to the identity of the British-accented director.


That mystery has now been solved. Tristram Shapeero, who works in Los Angeles, penned a confession and public apology on the Deadline website.


A TV director, Shapeero’s credits include The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Full Story: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/nov/24/director-tristram-shapeero-apologizes-actor-lukas-gage-tiny-apartment-audition

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it's the haves vs the have nots and most of haves are a**holes who have forgotten where they came from. It all seems to stem from that social media commandment "if you possess something that many need or want splash it incessantly in front of them while laughing out loud.." Covid has exposed some really nasty tendencies in our societies, doesn't bode well for the future.. 

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