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Re-entry Quarantine Questions

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There is a Alternative Local Quarantine hotel in Chiang Mai. 

See: http://hsscovid.com/

1. BP Chiang Mai Hotel, total 130 rooms, announced on September 9, 2020

At this time it is still a 14 day quarantine.

Edit: Did some more checking and found that list is out of date. A new one dated today does not show it. See the following.


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1 hour ago, treetops said:

It's still there - last one on the list.

Chiang Mai was not on the list when I looked yesterday.  

If I recall correctly Buriram was the last one on the list then.

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i would suggest that anyone wanting to ASQ outside of Bangkok/Samutprakarn check with the embassy or CG that will issue your CoE, if they approve a CoE outside of BKK when your approved flight operates into BKK. 

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