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Fit To Fly & Covid Free Certificates

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I'm getting really confused (again!) about the documentation needed to board Thai Airways flights to Bangkok. My confusion is whether the documents for a negative covid test and the Fit To Fly certificate have to be SEPARATE documents.


I was thinking of using a company called Medicspot. Has anyone used them for going to Thailand? They issue a single certificate that covers both - negative covid and fit-to-fly. However some websites say that they must be separate documents e.g.:-



Fit-to-Fly Certificate vs. COVID-19-Free Certificate

Fit to Fly Health Certificate is a statement by a doctor that you are free from symptoms and fit to fly. While COVID-19-Free Certificate is the test result with a laboratory output indicating that COVID-19 is not detected. Both documents must be issued within 72 hours before departure.

The COVID-19 test result and fit-to-fly health certificate must be two separate documents. It is your responsibility to present these two documents upon check-in with the airline and on your arrival in Thailand.



However MFA websites e.g. https://image.mfa.go.th/mfa/0/mkKfL2iULZ/migrate_directory/news3-20200724-174515-136626.pdf and https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/regis/step?language=en are silent on the issue.


Apparently on the last flight from London to Bangkok 7 people were refused boarding for irregular fit-to-fly certs. I don't know the nature of the irregularities.


So my question is has anyone flown to Thailand with a single document?



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As far I'm aware they should be two seperate documents...in essence they are different requirements . I wouldn't risk one document. 


The fit to fly can be issued by a uk gp...or by a private clinic.  My wife used a company called freedom health in Harley Street. It was an online consultation that latest a few minutes. It cost 55 pounds but think its 75 now. There is also a uk based doctor in Thailand that's issuing them now for 400 baht that a few folk have been using (pm I can post you the info)


Ps There isn't a standard document fit to fly document as such. However, as long as it states you are fit to fly its good. 


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The Thai embassy in Denmark gave me a list over documents needed to board the plane (after I got the STV and COE). At the bottom of the list it says:


* Please note that Fit to Fly and COVID19-Free Certificates must be in separated paper.

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Thanks guys. I just took a look at the Thai Airways site (should have done that before!) and it clearly says that they must be 2 separate certificates.


So a lot of companies, e.g. Medicspot, do a combined certificate and this could be catching a lot of people out.

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