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Successful COVID extension w/o embassy letter in Samut Prakan

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I'd like to report a successful COVID extension from today to Jan 25th in the Samut Prakan immigration office with no embassy letter.


I went there on the 5th, took a copy of the TM30 done for my wife's condo in Samut Prakan, photocopies of the passport pages, a couple of photos, 1900 baht and the wife. They made me sign the normal TM7 (?) tourist visa extension form, ticking the box saying that I can't get an embassy letter and can't return to my country due to the pandemic, plus an affidavit talking about the overstay penalties. They stamped me under consideration and they told me to come back today.
Today I just showed them my passport, they gave me a queue number, and 15 minutes later my passport was stamped.


This is not a second COVID extension, but a COVID extension on a 60 day wife visiting visa, which I had done at the same Samut Prakan immigration office. This 60 day wife visiting visa was done after I was refused a non-o marriage visa at CW because of the new 3 month rental receipt requirements. I decided to do a COVID extension instead of going to CW again for the non-o marriage visa, as that will be akin to getting an anal probe. Might have to go there and try again before this visa expires at the end of Jan though.


Samut Prakan immigration is rainbows and unicorns compared to the hell that CW is. Even getting there is much easier and quicker.

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