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Building an Affordable swimming pool in Thailand

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4 minutes ago, CNX69 said:


Enjoy your clan and healthy condo pool 

 it is not Building an Affordable swimming pool in Thailand


As long as any pool has a Free Available Chlorine content of 0.1 mg/L or more, up to 2 mg/L, it will be clean and healthy.

Let me check if the crucifixes are still in stock for those who have the temerity to suggest affordable alternatives.

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7 hours ago, Rv Hawee said:

If you've got the money... go with a good contractor (Desjoyaux or other than members will recomand)... don't make same stupidity than me (but digging out 3 cubi cmeter was a good exercises...)..So  buy an Intex pool (or other brand) ! It on the 12 to 20 square meters with a dept around 100 cm. Not bad.

Static swim is ok, static run too ( i can't do it on road) and i loss 8 kgs since last March without forcing on it (1 to 1.5 hour 4 time weeks)/ Look down was much more pleasant and with my wife and (sometime) teenageboy using it, we will cover the buying cost in less than a year....

Do you have 'counter-flow' in your pool or use what they call 'tethered swimming'? 

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Overflow type pool,  12m x 4m, 1.2m and 1.8 at the deep end. Sand filter , surge tank and underwater lighting , constructed 13 years ago.

Cost of chemicals and clarifiers etc can be expensive. . Cost 770,000 Baht.


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Water treatment Centre in khon kaen the owner is a peofessor at KKU he is excellent at sketching you ideas and suggestions where to have the outajes and intakes. If A house starts around 1,000,000 to build a basic pool should not be more. 

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