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Query re foreign health insurance

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I read in the Bangkok Post several days old, that a 78-year old foreigner said that he has used his foreign health insurance (Blue Cross) for the past 20

years at Bamrungrath hospital in Bangkok but has now been told that he can no longer use the foreign insurance but must have coverage with a

Thai Insurance company.  He says that due to his age this means he must leave Thailand for good.  I too am a retired farang here using my foreign

health insurance company (has 4 preferred providers along in Chiang Mai) and have several friends here too that have foreign insurance companies.  I

have heard that some of those that have been able to return the last few months, that they had no problems with their foreign insurance companies upon

showing same to embassy for visa or permission to return.  I do not have any idea what visa, long-term-stay the individual is using but was wondering if

anyone else has heard of any changes to use of foreign insurance companies - either for visa/long-term-stay or hospital stay?  Thanks in advance.


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