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minibus cha-am to bangkok, where in bangkok

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well it might be a bit late but ekkamai bus station has them.. just be warned that they are few and they take forever (4 hours or more usually)

other options are sai tai mai and mochit but yeah BTS is about 2.x km from there, they have a bunch of motorbike taxis which I believe its 60 baht to get to the mochit bus station.


they don't seem to have vans at mochit anymore, you need to cross the using the overhead walking thing and walk like 100 meters south (right, coming out of it)


sai tai mai has nothing in the main building (but it's way out of the way if you want central BKK) however they have vans running from 6am on all day towards hua hin (and cha-am obv)

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there is a van hub, across the street from morchit 2.  There are tons of public busses that will drop you off in front of morchit 2.  You can take MRT to pinklao and there are frequent softness that go to Southern Terminal.  Vans are frequent from both places to HH.  170 And you get a 20 off your return.

trains have been unbelievably screwed up, lately.

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