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Mercy killing lands Krabi dog-lover in trouble

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Mercy killing lands Krabi dog-lover in trouble





A so-called animal lover in Krabi decided to kill two pet dogs out of pity for them and for his old mother.


Watchdog Thailand filed a police report on Wednesday saying a witness claimed two dogs had been shot dead by a man living in Tubprik sub-district of Krabi’s Muang district.


When police arrived at the man’s house, they began negotiating for entry, for fear he may turn the gun on them. However, the man, identified as 39-year-old Surasak Kongduang, put up no resistance and allowed the police to enter freely.


Inside police found three guns and a bow, but they had all been registered legally.


Surasak admitted that he killed the dogs – a Pomeranian and a local breed – and had buried them within his home’s compound. He said both were shot in the head on the same day and inside his house.


The man explained that he and his wife had quarrelled a few days ago, after which she walked out, leaving the dogs for his mother to look after.


Surasak said he felt sorry for his old mother because she had to take care of the dogs for his wife. Besides, he said, one dog was lame and the other was ill, so he felt sorry for them too, which is why he decided to end their suffering.


He was charged with animal abuse and for firing his gun without good reason.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398610



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-11-26
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Just now, ronaldo0 said:

Another lunatic with a gun ! Harder to find people who don’t have one .

Not really you would be surprised how many dog lovers will not stay with their pets during the last moments of their live. They die in fear while alone with the vet 😞 

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5 hours ago, johng said:

That's the problem  a vet probably wouldn't have put the dogs down  due to the totally ass backwards law !!!

The problem is acess to the drugs. If the vet has no records of looking after the dog then he cannot acces the lethal drugs (unless he goes to gaol).

I have had to have two dogs put down (sadly - but old age and crippled) and the vet had no issues as there was a health history for both dogs. The vet even arranged the cremations.

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And thereby is the problem. Can't do it legally and humanely, so it has to be a 9mil sleeping pill and sent to jail for doing what a bloody vet should be doing.


Perhaps, instead of dumping the unwanted and unloved animals at temples, one would be better off dumping them outside politician's houses

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