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Mercy killing lands Krabi dog-lover in trouble

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Feel sorry for the bloke, ok he shot them they were sick


Normally the so called "devout lardy da gunner Graham buddhist Thais" would dump them at the side of the road


You know its True!


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The dogs were destined for a slow agonizing death, as the case for most dogs in Thailand. Thailand has very heavy handed laws about dogs so that's how they die, without help. A responsible owner is one that knows when to put a dog down. Not sure if these dogs were quite at that stage yet though.

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On 11/26/2020 at 1:49 PM, webfact said:

The man explained that he and his wife had quarrelled a few days ago, after which she walked out, leaving the dogs for his mother to look after.


Surasak said he felt sorry for his old mother because she had to take care of the dogs for his wife.


not sure where to go on this one.



is he just a lazy ******* who relies on his wife and his mum to do all the chores?


or is he a vindictive ******** who killed the dogs to teach his wife a lesson for leaving him?

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