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Christmas tree - chocolate!

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19 hours ago, JRG23 said:

So this is a very important question.... Where can I purchase Christmas tree chocolates in Bangkok? Any ideas? Cheers!

Cadbury tree decorations open.JPG

Actually no. But as a last resort you could buy the chocolates from Makro and wrap them yourself.


Of course, how you will stop them melting is a different matter.

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8 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

I would try Villa Market. They have a lot of items which other shops, i.e. Foodland, don't have.

Villa do have a lot of Christmas chocolates and sweets (advent calendars, Terry's chocolate oranges, big tubes of fruit pastilles, Dairy Milk Christmas packages, Quality Street etc.) but don't remember seeing hanging chocolates specifically.

Unless you keep your room airconned 24/7 they would get pretty manky though, unless you just hung them on Christmas Eve.

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