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Paypal problem, are they really that bad ?

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Do a search and you can just telephone them. There are various ways to contact them. I have had Paypal for probably 20 yrs and never had an issue, and havnt experienced any of what you describe,

Loathe Paypal, the most user-unfriendly financial tool I've come across. I no longer use them. Good luck.

Well it seems Paypal have had in the last months a lot of problems with account members being hacked.   Their answer so far has been to put in place a new safety protocol wich consists in se

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17 minutes ago, kingofthemountain said:

i have done the research on internet

and discovered hundreds of people having the same problem as me with no any solution

my paypal account was (And is still) registered in France, i live now in Thailand

as i said the only customer number i have found has just a registered message

asking to loggin to your account to contact them, of course i can not do that as i am

not able to receive the key code on my old phone number (Already canceled)

it will be very kind from you if you can contact them via your account and ask them

what is the solution in my case? Thank you in advance


Of course if you know another way to contact them (Without be loggin to my account)

i am open for any sort of solution or option

Ok, that explains it partly, as the law changed recently regarding security on financial systems in Europe and would account for the change in procedures.

My Paypal is a Thai account and runs through Singapore, yours would probably be handled by Germany Paypal office.


This may be of use +1-402-935-2050  thats the US headquarters.



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1 hour ago, Susco said:

A PayPal account is registered to an email account.


I never receive message from PP on my phone, always in my email

yes you are right and i would be more than pleased to receive a safety key via my e mail

registered with my paypal account, but nope they give me no choice it's only via a sms send

on my old phone number, and obviously i am not alone with the same problem



it's a real nightmare


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I recently received an email advising me that my Paypal account had temporarily been closed and to contact a link in the email to reopen it. I checked my account using the normal method and found that it was still open.

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when I originally moved to Thaland I started up a thai paypal account so it would operate from my thai bank account, I still have my aussie paypal but very rarely use it, I access both with log in details only, no pin number is needed but its only common sense to change your phone number to your current one if you change it, I did with my aussie account, why leave a phone number that has been delisted as your contact, own fault really

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I had the same problem. I couldn't get into my PayPal account due to a SIM card activation failure but I discovered that I could still spend my PayPal balance on eBay. Consequently, Christmas came early for me this year.


Subsequently, I got my old phone number back using a UK company called Swytch.

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