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Paypal problem, are they really that bad ?

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On 11/27/2020 at 8:22 AM, lelapin said:

I recently received an email advising me that my Paypal account had temporarily been closed and to contact a link in the email to reopen it. I checked my account using the normal method and found that it was still open.

Got the same , reported it to them (PayPal ) probably a phising one ...., in such case i ONLY go direct to the online PayPal  login ....., as those mails ask you to click on a link in the mail..... don't do it .

Go straight checking PayPal  online your account is working or not...and rapport it on their spoof link

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Do a search and you can just telephone them. There are various ways to contact them. I have had Paypal for probably 20 yrs and never had an issue, and havnt experienced any of what you describe,

Loathe Paypal, the most user-unfriendly financial tool I've come across. I no longer use them. Good luck.

Well it seems Paypal have had in the last months a lot of problems with account members being hacked.   Their answer so far has been to put in place a new safety protocol wich consists in se

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23 hours ago, samsensam said:


so don't use paypal for these transactions. problem solved.


i've used paypal for 15 odd years, never paid them a penny to use their service, never had a problem.

You have been paying you just don't realize that when you purchase something those fees are add to the total price.

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On 11/27/2020 at 9:34 PM, mushroomdave said:

Over 20 years with them....0 problems!!

Lucky you

the point in my topic is 

if you have a problem, how good are they to help you to resolve it

from my experience, and from the feedback i found so far on internet, they are bad 

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On 11/28/2020 at 6:19 AM, DJ54 said:

I just got an annual notice sndit has a help center.. maybe it’ll be helpful.. I’ve not used themin 3-4 years only because I didn’t need

to or I found aneasier way,,



Thank you but it's not helpful

to resolve a problem of connect to your account when using your link

you need to connect to your account first 

that's the usual problem

it seems there is no way to contact them from outside of your account

then if you can not access to your account whatever the reason, you are screwed

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One item of possibly-relevant news is that Paypal suspended all new accounts opened from Thailand some time ago, apparently because they will 'relaunch' Paypal Thailand next year.  These actions don't affect existing account holders in Thailand.

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On 12/1/2020 at 1:24 PM, thcosh said:

so there is no solution if the account was opened in EU and the phone number has expired ?


So far i haven't found any solution at this problem

it's really anonying to say the least

by chance i have only few money in this account, but still....

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