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Feeding beef cattle 🐮

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Any budding retired farmers out there who have raised beef cattle in Thailand or any other country ?? My in laws have four beef cattle the raise in the traditional Thai way feeding long gras cut daily and hay a slow process to fatten the cattle . What’s the cost in Thailand of moving to grain fed in addition to bring them to market weight sooner. And is cattle nut/pellets available in Thailand 

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Google, beef cattle thaivisa .com, they are some threads they that should answer your question .

As for the cost of bringing them to market weight sooner ........how long is a piece of string.

If you are just feeding a say 12 % protein  feed and your low  feed  quality long grass it will cost not a lot but it will take a long time 

But if you feed some good quality grass, and a 14-16% concentrate ,they will fatten quicker but your costs will be higher .

You can get nuts/pellets feed here but expensive ,use the  powdered feed ,Ahan-Per-Som in Thai .I am paying 7 baht/kg for a 14% concentrate. 

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