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Public Health Ministry hopes to cut salt, sugar consumption in Thailand by 30% within 2022

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Public Health Ministry hopes to cut salt, sugar consumption in Thailand by 30% within 2022

By The Nation



Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit


The Public Health Ministry’s steering committee on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases has launched the “Together Fight NCDs” campaign in a bid to cut sugar and salt consumption in Thailand by 30 per cent in the next couple of years.


Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit, the ministry’s permanent secretary, told the press on Thursday that the aim is to reduce the number of hypertension and diabetes cases, as well as obesity, in the country.


The committee will start off by launching an app, which people can use to assess the health risks they face.


Health promotion campaigns will also be launched in the public and private sector in a bid to boost people’s health at the corporate level.


A survey conducted by the Department of Disease Control (DDC) in 2019 showed that 43.1 per cent of the respondents did not know they had diabetes, 2.7 per cent did not seek treatment, while 30.6 per cent who underwent treatment did little to control their blood sugar levels.


It also found that 44.7 per cent did not know they have hypertension, 6.1 per cent were not seeking treatment and 19.5 per cent who were undergoing treatment did not control their blood pressure.


A DDC report released in 2014 showed that 8.9 per cent or 4.8 million of the Thai population has diabetes, while 24.7 per cent or 13.3 million people suffer from hypertension.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398630



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just ban the consumption of salt and sugar in condo buildings 

Put an extremely high tax on salty and sugary food AND use that extra tax to reduce tax on non salty and non sugary foods..... 555, I know, a very funny suggestion.....  

And not forgetting kidney disease which is very high in Thailand due to the high sodium content in takeaway street food (Soy and Oyster sauce) and of course, instant noodles which not only has high so

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Well that will unfortunately be the end of the fabulous Thai deserts sold everywhere.  As a diabetic I give them a wide berth, but then if you watch them cook Larb Moo, or Kao Pad, they laden it with Nam Pla, and the famous dish Thailand is known for "Pad Thai", it is loaded with sugars as well.  Cooking the same dishes at home with substitutions makes it healthier.  However the Som Tam is full of sugars as well as salt, so good tasting but yet so unhealthy.


I wish them much luck, but it sounds like they are following the likes of New York city, and California.  Next up cutting off the coffee carts and doing away with the 3in1 packets......

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