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Dad hilariously dances in daughter's video - unaware it's being sent to teacher

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A dad who spotted his daughter filming a craft video decided to add a bit of flair as a backup dancer - but had no idea the video was being sent to her teacher for a school project.


The hilarious clip shows the young girl setting up her camera, announcing "so today we're going to do some crafts" and asking Alexa to put on some music as she begins her commentary.


With the dad assuming she was simply making a video for her own entertainment, he couldn't help but show off his incredible moves when the speaker begins to blast Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk.


He demonstrates an impressive array of moves in the kitchen, expertly using the counter to create different levels to the performance, before adding vocals and getting his two sons involved in the flash mob.


His daughter perseveres despite the chaos going on around her, and asks: "What is wrong with this family? I'm just trying to do peace and quiet arts."


At one point the dad throws his son so high in the air his feet hit the ceiling light, before quickly reassuring the rest of the household not to worry as he is unharmed.


But it wasn't until his wife checked her daughter's schooling app that it dawned on him his dance exhibition had been sent to his daughter's teacher for assessment.


The video has had more than 12 million views on Facebook as the story left people in stitches, gaining 10,000 comments by those praising both the dad's


moves and his daughter's ability to remain professional in testing circumstances.


Her mum shared the clip, writing: "I was checking Delaney's seesaw (app for school) and she often will send her teachers random videos wishing them well, or goodnight, or just talking to talk.


"Well.... I found this as a sent video from earlier today. I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did.... How's your distance learning going?


"Daddy thought she was just making a 'tutorial' like she typically does. He didn't know she uploaded it to seesaw and sent it to her 1st grade teacher!"



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3 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

The good news is you won't required your sides to be stitched back up after watching it 🤔

It's amazing what people consider to be funny these days.  Especially the garbage they upload to tik tok.  Literally just someone making a stupid face is considered to be actual comedy.


I guess this article is a little clickbaity.

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