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Going to counter J tomorrow at MTT, do I need a tm30 ?

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hi guys,


So I am starting to worry about this “ you need a tm30 to extend this visa this time round” talk I’ve been reading about.



I will be going to MTT tomorrow,


I thought That I have everything I need for the tourist 60 visa stamp holder who requires the 60 extension.


ive now found out that apparently us lot are now considered ‘long stay’ according to barrow on Twitter and we need a tm30.


is this tm30 needed for me ( tourist visa 60 holder ) 


or is it just for visa exempt people?


I saw somebody post earlier that counter J ( the counter I need ) don’t ask for this. But counter K ( the visa Exempt counter and the one where you arrive at the tent at MTT..) they ask for this, they also ask for an online booking for appointment where as counter J, strangely doesn’t. ( it’s good because I can’t even book an appointment anyway as it doesn’t work whatever category/ date you pick it’s got a red circle with a line through it)


My girlfriend has everything in her name and the landlord doesn’t even have my id or passport or anything I’ve never been asked for anything from the landlord, and I don’t think tourists have ever been asked for this tm30 before? I’ve only just read barrows tweets to say this is a new requirement?


so in summary has anybody been to counter J ( tourist 60 stamp holders) and been asked for tm30, what happened? What was said? Turned away? Told to come back? Did you get your stamp etc.


Would appreciate any help and no obnoxious comments please and thank you



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Why would you not expect some negative replies.

Recently at MTT the requirement for TM30 had been well covered.

The reports are inconsistent. Most asked for TM30 and some not.

This comes as a surprise to you in last couple of need to apply for extension. 

So the point of the thread? Reassurance? 

Apply for extension tomorrow (Friday) and if issue you can comply Monday

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