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Fake VISA Agency!! Who protect us ??

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This is only my opinion as someone that has never used a visa agency and doesn't intend to. There are two sorts of visa agency services.   There is the "hand holding" type that assis

These agencies are operating in the grey zone and this sort of thing isn't unheard of. I know this does not answer your question, but any problems with your passport and visa can turn in to a real nig

5000 is probably slightly above my "man, i got ripped off" meter..   I have bought 1200 baht things that broke in a day we have all spent 10k+ on food that might not have been the best

9 hours ago, ecosouq said:

they request 5000 THB initially before starting any step .. after we got extension from government last Sep 26th ,

Is it the agents fault you chose to go another route. NO it's not so; why do you think they don't deserve recompense for being mucked about? Bht 5000 seems about fair to me.....

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1 hour ago, worgeordie said:

You did say you got your extension...now you want your money back, am i missing


regards Worgeordie

Im assuming the OP has received their extension, but judging from the date (26th) they have not received their actual visa?


(usually issued after a 30 day extension).


However = it doesn't seem likely to me that they SHOULD receive a visa because they cannot get a visa for 5000 through an agency. It would cost quite a lot more.

If indeed this is the case, then there has obviously been seriously bad communication on both parties part, and the OP is now in a very dangerous situation and could face deportation.

At the very least OP needs to seek proper legal/immigration advice (and should not mention the agency) and find out if he can be here under the current amnesty if not, he will either have to stump up the money to get his visa the normal way  - or  - leave the country and back from whence he came.



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