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Army chief denies Twitter ‘IO’ campaign after documents leaked

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It seems that the main criteria to be the army chief in Thailand is, you have to be an outright liar, and, when caught out, just blatantly deny everything !  If this latest fella is not a prime e

Surely it is the government not the army chief who should make the decision about marshal law. Silly me forgot where i am.

There has not been such a more unpopular government in my 30 years here. They are really hated.    Without the father of the nation to guide the country I fear for the future of Thailand. 

3 hours ago, webfact said:

On October 8, Twitter announced it had removed 926 accounts that had concealed links to the Army.

So does it then imply that the army then paid Twitter to hide the accounts

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The flip side of this must be the other big lie which must be doing the rounds internally that the IO was effective. Apparently this was not the case as the IO Twitter accounts garnered hardly any followers. 

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