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High waves bring deluge of foreign waste to Nakhon Si Thammarat beach

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Just now, Hanuman2547 said:

I'm sure that if you look at all the trash washing up on the beach you will find a fair amount of domestic generated trash as well.

Fair amount of domestic waste, what you saying?

Good heavens Thais would never dream of casting away any waste, they always use litter bins, always take their litter home.:cheesy:🤭😝

Can only be from dirty foreigners.🤭😝

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5 hours ago, ChakaKhan said:

This happened when I volunteered in a fishing village in vietnam...next to a 5 star resort and untouched beach


The problem?  FISHERMEN...they would pitch trash right off the boat at night....just like the trash burners..

So in the morning, each day another mass of trash from currents......


So we tried to clean the trash, i recall the locals sitting on the beach laughing at us...we even bought big blue trash cans to try to get them to use them as the locals were just as bad...someone stole our new trash cans..

Time to re-read the novel 'The Ugly American'?



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2 hours ago, Sydebolle said:

Well, I stand corrected and I have to apologize to Anutin, the sweet heart of the public health ministry, who coined the "dirty farang" sentence. 

It is now proven, as the waste landing at the shores in Nakorn Sri Thammarat is from Malaysia and Vietnam (by the packaging). No Thai waste, or a very carefully selected photo, if not a set-up picture? 

Don't they you can buy that stuff in Thailand as well? So if a bottle of coke gets washed up

it has to come from the US.

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The headline and the article is so outrageously xenophobic... its atrocious. 


How much of the waste washing up on the Thai shores is actually Thai waste. How much Thai waste washes up on foreign shores? 


The issue itself is ‘waste’ and its an international issue, the insinuation by this article that Thailand is clean, pure, beyond reproach, while neighbouring countries are littering and polluting the environment is extremely distasteful and perhaps highlights the mindset of 'Thailand’ to side-step responsibility.

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