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Thailand to see more visitors, 'signal' for reopening - tourism chief

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Seriously  No Tourists in their right mind would go through the hoops needed to get into Thailand. I am doing it now on a Non O I am at Singapore on my last leg to get in to do 15 night

Absolutely agree. I am returning on a new O-A visa and it is nerve wracking given all the documentation, tight time frames on covid-19 tests, and expenses that are non-refundable if anything goes wron

Smoke and mirrors, they want you to believe the economy does not rely on tourism when they show such a small GDP number, but in reality it is more important to the majority of the country to have tour

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so how do people enter on this visa?its 90 single tourist entry visa?not the special one?im so confused with all this,i want to get my girlfriend from philippines in,i own apt here so thats ok and i have a enough in the bank but the thai embassy there .no info,its weird,infections etc have dropped a lot there and are much lower than anywhere in europe or the americas,any one any ideas or info as its a maze of blank walls and cul de sacs

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