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Transferring car ownership after wife's death

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Our pick-up was registered in my wife's name, unfortunately she died in April and I've been told I should transfer it to my name in order to be able to renew the annual tax. Her three daughters have no objection and I still have our marriage certificate. Could anyone tell me how I can transfer the ownership? Thanking any helpful replies in advance 

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Hi I had to do exactly this procedure for exactly the same reason a few months ago. My wife died a couple of years ago. It was not the annual tax which was problematic as other posters point out, and so I just carried on with the status quo until this year when the insurers insisted I had to make the change in order to be able to insure and therefore drive the pick-up. Stands to reason as if there had been an accident the insurance payments etc would have been difficult for them to execute.


I went firstly to the DLT and they filled in some paperwork, but then they insisted they could not change it until I had a form from the Amphur saying that I was the rightful owner. My wife did not leave a will and so I took my mother in law along with me for a visit to the Amphur. IF you have to do this go armed with everything you can possible imagine might be faintly useful, birth certificate, old bank books, drivers licences, marriage certificate, will, death certificate for your wife and on and on. I just keep everything in a large folder file so took the whole thing, then as I was asked for various bits and pieces would be able to pull them out. At first the Amphur guy would not hear of me getting the car in my name. I had to stand my ground, and insist that it was rightfully mine, as he was suggesting putting it in my mother-in -laws name (  she will not even drive a motorcycle ) or my 13 year old son's name. Perhaps these were easier or more familiar options with him, I am not sure. 


Any way there was a one month wait, when the fact that ownership was being changed was advertised, and at the end of that period when no-one had come forward with a claim of money owed by my wife or an alternate claim of ownership of the car, the Amphur guy signed a letter to the effect that ownership could be transferred to me. I duly took that to the DLT and they very quickly changed the ownership over, not more than an hour. I think there were about 5-6 trips to either the DLT and or Amphur to get this whole process clear and then processed through. It seemed to help at the Amphur that I was registered on the Tabian Baan and had the Pink ID card.  

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