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Restaurants, cafes & sites open?

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My wife and I are attempting to jump through the hoops required so we can enter Thailand in January. After quarantine, I know we are free to travel around the country...my questions is, how many restaurants, cafes, and even temple sites are actually open now?  Planning on spending our time in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for 3 months.  Thanks for opinons...

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2 minutes ago, papa al said:

Plenty open.

Very few tourists to clutter things up.

Thailand is the best place to be now.

And why is that? Where I live every thing is open, no masks required and no local

transmitted infection since 8 months, I rather stay here.

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6 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Covid is the least of one's worries in Australia. Seems that you have the most deadly species of every type.


You missed out the resident people in your post/link!


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It seems it depends a lot on the area where you go.

I live in lower Sukhumvit and it's empty compared to before. Some places closed, others with few guests.

Hotel buffets are not what they used to be.

And the street is almost empty at night when normally it was full of taxi-no-meter.


But recently I was in a local Thai floating market in Bangkok and that was a busy as it was two years ago.

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