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Killing of suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind risks confrontation as Trump exits

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Now if Iran assassinated someone somone very high up in the US government, that would be terrorism, right?

Right. Because they didn't sign an agreement limiting their nuclear stockpile that was brokered by the Obama administration. Oh, and George W. Bush didn't invade Iraq. Can you fill us in on any more o

In that case mossad should be labelled a terrorist organisation.

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32 minutes ago, Sujo said:

In that case mossad should be labelled a terrorist organisation.

Indeed, label them how ever one like as long as they dispense with Israel's enemies any which way, and by the way, almost every country in the world has their own "special department" to deal with situations like this but you get get to hear about them only about Israel...

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1 hour ago, ezzra said:

Look who liked your post.. all those that still think that Iran is a good country with a good intentions and not enriching uranium  in disregard to their signatory to an agreement not to...


Who liked your post? The Israelis who reside here?

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5 hours ago, twocatsmac said:

Iran will always be a rogue state,I think they’ll prefer conning/dealing with Biden more than Trump. 

unfortunately you are right, because he will cave in to them. It will end in tears, ours. 

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