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Killing of suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind risks confrontation as Trump exits

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Now if Iran assassinated someone somone very high up in the US government, that would be terrorism, right?

Right. Because they didn't sign an agreement limiting their nuclear stockpile that was brokered by the Obama administration. Oh, and George W. Bush didn't invade Iraq. Can you fill us in on any more o

In that case mossad should be labelled a terrorist organisation.

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16 minutes ago, Pilotman said:

good news that some one has had the balls to take this dangerous guy out, but they should still use the bunker buster bombs to level the facility. BIden is an idiot if he thinks that he can 're engage' with those Iranian lunatics. Appeasement never works, I thought that the World had all learnt that in 1939, apparently subsequent generations have not learnt a thing. 


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Just now, Jack Mountain said:

The other way around. Trump started ...  The international organisation who did the checking just had concluded that Iran still acted according to the agreement.

wrong again.  The Iranians agreed the number and size of the  centrifuges they were allowed, they broke that immediately, meaning that they could quickly produce the depleted uranium needed for weapons.  This has nothing at all to do with peaceful purposes as the West had offered to supply uranium for that purpose. They are lying, duplicitous, obfuscating,  lunatics with a death wish, the death of the rest of us.  

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