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Paying traffic fines becomes convenient

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Paying traffic fines becomes convenient





The Royal Gazette website on Thursday published a Royal Thai Police announcement detailing how and where motorists can pay their traffic fines.



The announcement, signed by National Police chief Pol General Suwat Chaenyodsuk, stipulates that motorists who receive a traffic ticket must pay the fine within the specified date at the following:


• Police station in the area where the ticket was issued


• Any other police station in the country


• Via money order or bank draft made to the National Police chief with a copy sent to the police station specified in the ticket


• Electronically via credit card or any other method at the following venues:



Automatic teller machine (ATM)

Payment counter


Other venues that allow access to electronic transactions.


In case the ticket does not specify the amount that must be paid, motorists can pay the amount specified for each traffic offence listed in the announcement.


The case will be considered closed once motorists pay their fine via the methods and venues specified in the announcement.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398712



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-11-28
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I disagree with the above as it’s not convenient to pay at all, as I have to physically go to a Krung Thai Bank branch to pay it. I never got a ticket in 20 years and now two in a month for crossing chevrons. My fault entirely, and I guess they’re putting up more cameras. Be aware peeps.

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