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WHO says would be 'highly speculative' to say COVID did not emerge in China

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Over 60 million cases and 1.44 million deaths. WHO are you? Covid-19 originated in China and the Chinese attempted but failed to cover it up. China should be made accountable for this pandem

And the CCP only Yesterday, have placed a Gagging order upon ALL Doctors and their Supporting Staff that were involved in the Early Days of the Covid Outbreak in Wuhan. These Doctors and Staff ha

If anyone thinks the WHO would find against China even if they did know it came from China I think they have been smoking their own medical allowance !

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

If anyone thinks the WHO would find against China even if they did know it came from China I think they have been smoking their own medical allowance !

I doubt if they even know where China is ,they seem a dumb bunch

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3 minutes ago, Tropicalevo said:

China has not let the investigators near the labs yet. China is still arguing as to who can  investigate and who they can talk to.

China has recently announced that if anyone in Wuhan or even elsewhere in China talks about whath appened in Wuhan in the ealy days of the pandemic, they will be jailed for being spies or being unpatriotic.

Today, China announced that their scientists have 'proof' that it started in India.

Some years ago, 6 'collectors' were collecting bat<deleted>te from caves in the Wuhan area to take the samples back to the labs there. All had breathing difficulties when they arrived home and at least two died.

The " proof " the Chinese have about Covid 19 starting in India, should, if they are open and honest, be made public for the World to see, and to investigate its authenticity.

I doubt very much that this will be the way in which the CCP wishes to be believed over this. They will continue to play the same Game they always have and remain secretive.

There has been much speculation here on TV, that the Wu-Flu was present in Thailand as early as late October last Year.

For sure, many people were very sick in the Pattaya area with some kind of Virus around that time ( Myself and Wife included ), but due to a lack of testing and any kind of follow up from Health Services, we shall never know if it was the Virus or not.

I just know that we were as sick as Dogs for a Month, carrying symptoms similar to Covid 19, and no amount of Antibiotics would ease the suffering we felt.

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48 minutes ago, teacherclaire said:

Does China tell anybody the truth?


      They know more than anybody else, but they will never make that public. 



bats ugly.jpg

China is very similar to N. Korea or vice versa..... what happens there stays there, they are not used to share with anybody and they will not start now  555

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7 hours ago, Enzian said:

Yesterday I read an interview with an Italian scientist, in Il Giornale, who said we don't at this time know any animals that are able to catch the virus from us, and by "any" I have to assume he's including bats. So if they can't catch it from us, how did we catch it from them? 

Well that's clearly wrong - there have been a number of examples of animals catching the virus from humans, such as domestic cats, tigers and in one of the biggest CoVid-19 stories of recent weeks, mink in Denmark.


As an article on the BBC put it:



Covid-19 originally came from a wild animal, it was then transmitted to humans and, later, passed on to farmed mink.


 Denmark shaken by cull of millions of mink

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