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Transfer of Iranian prisoners involved in Bangkok bombing back home part of international treaty, JM

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Transfer of Iranian prisoners involved in Bangkok bombing back home part of international treaty, JM



Image: INN News


A representative of the Thai justice ministry spoke to the press after reports in the foreign media that three Iranians had been transferred back to their homeland. 


The suspects were involved in a bombing in Bangkok in 2012.


Wisit Wisitsoranat said that representations had been received from the Iranian authorities for two of the men to continue to serve their sentences in their homeland as part of an internationally agreed treaty. 


It was all above board, he said, and nothing to do with an Australian request for one of their nationals currently in an Iranian jail. 

INN reported that Masoud Sedaghatzadeh and Saeid Moradi had been repatriated to Iran. 


A third man called Mohammad Khazaei was released in August.


Source: INN News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-28
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2 hours ago, Kerryd said:

Prisoner Transfer agreements between countries are common and these kinds of transfers happen all the time. Most of the time you never hear about them because they are not noteworthy.

Which is all very interesting but irrelevant in the present instance.


Contrary to what the honourable gentleman from the Thai Justice Ministry suggested, this is NOT a two-way prisoner deal or swap or normal transfer agreement. Any half-decent 'Western' newspaper has carried the complicated 3-way details over the last 2 or 3 days, as far as they can be known. The Australian has had quite a lot, not surprisingly, also Le Monde and NY Times.

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