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One dead in Thalang motorbike crash

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One dead in Thalang motorbike crash

By Eakkapop Thongtub



Police and rescue workers at the scene of the accident. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub


PHUKET: A 19-year-old man was pronounced dead following a collision between his motorbike and a car on Thepkrasattri Road in Thalang in the early hours of this morning (Nov 28).


Lt Col Wichit Nokkaew from Thalang Police Station was notified at 1:45am today that there had been an accident at the intersection located at Moo 1 Thepkrasattri Rd. He advanced to the scene shortly after, joined by rescue workers.


On arrival, they discovered a black motorbike which had sustained heavy damage to its front. There was a helmet on the ground near the bike. A damaged Toyota Yaris Sedan was parked nearby and the driver, 31-year-old Ms Thipprapha Romyen, was at the scene.


Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/one-dead-in-thalang-motorbike-crash-78135.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2020-11-28
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“The investigation will continue. I have to check for any CCTV footage from shops or properties in the area that may have captured something as the government CCTV cameras are not working.


(quote above from the linked article)


There is never any accountability for so many CCTV cameras not working, yet so many of them don’t.

Years ago, there was a massive scandal after it was discovered that the ‘housings' were installed but contained no cameras. Someone made a fortune. The story went cold fairly quickly. 


Yet, so many of these ‘state’ CCTV systems do not work. Again, corruption and graft, so inherent in society it infiltrates every single infinitesimal facet of society. 

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16 hours ago, Burma Bill said:

RIP young man, who may have been wearing a helmet, but of interest to me it appears nobody has turned off the motorcycle lights.

Helmets only come off if they haven't been done up, which makes them quite useless in a crash.

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1 hour ago, mrfill said:

Helmets only come off if they haven't been done up, which makes them quite useless in a crash.

Ermm, thats err, not exactly right...


Theres two instances in Moto GP I can re-call where one young Italian Rider (about 10 yrs ago) lost his life after the force of impact snapped the chin strap on a top of the range full face race spec helmet and another of a famous at the time (1990s) No1 US rider who became paralysed after a terrible crash where his helmet came off while he was inverted headfirst ploughing up the then gravel traps with his head & neck) he damaged his aorta which nearly killed him, designed to slow momentum and reduce speed of impact all top race tracks had a lot of the ploughed style Gravel Traps, they were removed after this incident as deemed more dangerous than having no such gravel traps to racers. 


The clues are there, you may google then learn that helmets can indeed come off that have been 'done up' However always everyone wear an helmet and ensure it is correctly fastened as it does help reduce the risk of head injuries or even death sometimes... RIP to the young man

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