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Two shot dead in a Chiang Mai bar during 'brawl'

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Two shot dead in a Chiang Mai bar during 'brawl'





Hunt is on for a man who is suspected of shooting dead two people in a karaoke bar in Chiang Mai province late on Friday.



Initial investigation showed that the two victims and the suspected killer were involved in a brawl at a bar in San Sai district. 

Mae Jo police were informed about the killings at 12.20am.


The victims were identified as Deangmai (full name not disclosed), aged 34, and Prasert Danklang, 64. Deangmai had been shot in the right eye, while the other had been shot two times at the back of his head. Police found two 0.38 bullets in the bar. 


Police suspect that it was a case of violent conflict between the two dead persons and the absconding shooter. Witnesses said that there was a brawl between the three, who were reportedly drunk.


However, the shooter escaped after he committed the crime. Officials told the press that they know the identity of the suspect.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398743



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