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Two shot dead in a Chiang Mai bar during 'brawl'

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18 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Police suspect that it was a case of violent conflict between the two dead persons and the absconding shooter.

Brilliant conclusion! They must have their top-copper on the case 😎

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1 hour ago, moe666 said:

Why is that been in Chiang Mai 11 years and not involved is a shooting yet

I remember back in 1979 I was in Fascination on Loi Kroh Road (A Mueang), and somebody pulled out a gun. Everybody tried to shelter somehow. The offending person ran out the door with the gunman in pursuit. Fortunately a silor was right there, the person got in back and sped off as the gunman fired a shot in the air. Just another evening.....

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2 against 1.


The 1 lost, so went to get his gun, before returning to execute them. 2 shots in the back of the 1st guy's head, 1 in the face of the other guy.


Publicly losing a fight when there's a gun not far away is just too much for a drunk local to not use.


How am I doing? 

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