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Any calligraphers out there?

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All being well I should soon be stuck in a hotel room for 14 days with nothing to do. 


For a while I've thought it might be interesting to adapt the Thai script so that it can be used to write English. If you think that would be about as much use as a chocolate teapot I understand your point of view, but humour me.


For this project I would need characters for the English sounds that don't exist in Thai. Obviously I don't need all the Thai characters to write the English sounds that do exist in Thai, so I could use the spare ones to write the others. For example, if I was using ท for the consonant in "too", ถ could be the consonant in "the", and  maybe  ึ could be the vowel. That might be confusing when switching back to real Thai though, so I'd rather use new characters.


Some of the existing characters can be reversed or turned upside down and still look OK, but does anyone have any other ideas for new ones that look like they could be Thai?

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Hey those are pretty good, thanks. I especially like the s. It's not 100% what I am after because the characters I end up with don't need to look like Roman characters (in fact it's better if they don't) and they can't be the same as an existing Thai character. Say I have a sentence that starts "I think...". The first word can be ไอ, but then there's no character for the th sound. It's just one consonant sound so it would be just one character in the Thai system, but there isn't one. Same for sh and a few others. I was thinking of taking the existing Thai characters and adding a line here and a squiggle there to create some new ones, but so far my attempts aren't very convincing...

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