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Authorities probing why Thai woman with Covid-19 was not quarantined

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Covid is out in the wild again, time to write your wills and get under the kitchen table with a handkerchief on your head...

I'd hazard a guess she was already suffering from the "Do you know who my father is?" syndrome.

Looks like the border controls have significant holes in the defences. How many others are coming in undetected. And seems to be more and more cases of those actually in quarantine. Thailand

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Thailand should introduce The Stocks for people like her. A good week locked in these having rotten fruit & vegetables thrown at you seems a good way to start her treatment. Oh, and similar treatment should be meted out to all the most senior Immigration & RTP officials who's sloppy management allowed this creature into Thailand.

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The hotel that my daughter works at are already getting cancellations,

seems people are afraid to come to Chiang Mai,up till now they were

doing quite well with Thai tourists.

regards Worgeordie


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52 minutes ago, jojothai said:

There is nothing to indicate that they have traced all the people. It would be good to know, but would you believe what we are told?
Its easy to judge how many people she may have been in contact with.

Finding who they are may not be so easy without public announcements.

They are making it sound as if this is all fully known and under control when its very unlikely if nothing like that has been being done or is ongoing.

Most malls i go into now have no tracing. Its false to think so.

It may be easy to trace Taxis and some people in Malls, but public transport? There is no requirement to give ID for getting on van or bus.
"35 people in the van and bus". They know that from the logs, but dont necessarily know who they were.

they are using cell phones to do contact tracing.  If other phones are on while in the bus or van, they'll know who was there.  No app needed for this.

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