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Security officials predict prolonged protests

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3 hours ago, rkidlad said:

Looking at pictures on Twitter of the army putting up barricades around their army bases with shipping containers and barbed wire. Funny, I always thought an army existed to protect its citizens. Looking a the pictures online you’d think the army is going to war with  theirs. 

Not really surprising when the small % of people who run the country and bang on ad nauseam about patriotism and people not being ‘Thai’, are the very ones who don’t treat Thailand like a country but as a business. 

Very true especially your last point,and when the kak hits the fan the small% will be looking round frantically for someone to blame,lets hope its not the farang like it was in the 90s

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19 minutes ago, Bangkok Barry said:

The only people that the Thai army has fought in living memory is its own people, apart for a little skirmish on the border with Cambodia over which country owned a temple. Certainly the country has no enemies, because no other country has the slightest interest in Thailand.

Didn,t appear that the thai army put up much resistance when japan occupied it in ww 2.

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