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Foreigners stranded in Thailand due to COVID-19 can now stay until at least 29 Jan 2021

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does it really matter to you??

I'm fine thanks 😜

Apparently, for some foreigners it's the most rage inducing, unfair, criminal, immoral prospect they have encountered for some time!

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1 minute ago, ezzra said:

Probably will work for all kind of visas as long as you want to stay, if questions ask, you'r stranded, no need for further explanations...

Yes, there are reports in the visa section that show people on retirement / visiting family / thai wife extensions who switched over to this 60 day extension. What is criminal though, is that Ubon IO seems to be the only one charging 3,900 per extension. All of the other offices are reporting the usual 1,900 baht fee. I wonder why they are doing this.

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23 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

What about those that are not genuinely stranded, just electing to stay..


In fact, I did meet one of these not genuinely stranded at immigration recently, she wrote 'it is not safe to go back' on her application form to extend her tourist visa. 


But she told me she is teaching English online on a tourist visa in Thailand, go figure.


This is the real purpose, earning money while living on low cost of living.


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1 hour ago, rooster59 said:

This means that those affected could potentially stay in Thailand until the end of March if they applied for a new 60 day extension on or near January 29th.

According to the translation, the extension can be up to 60 days, but not past January 29, 2021.


Due to the continuity of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 outbreak in countries around the world, affecting the departure from the Kingdom and the stay in the Kingdom among foreigners, it is considered to extend the duration of stay as per the letter until 29 January 2021.

(Emphasis added)


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